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December 31, 2017
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December 31, 2017
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The 10 things to measure your growth in 2017

Our attitude toward time shows our attitude towards the value we are giving to life. I wish those who are reading this post will not be among those who post at the end of the year “successfully wasted another year” on social media. Below mentioned are 10 possible points for measuring your growth in comparison to last year.

  1. Have you increased your earning from 2016?

Money doesn’t have importance but it’s better to cry in BMW than on bicycle. It’s always nice if you are earning more than you earned previously. You can assist and support more people than you did previously.

  1. Have you diversified your stream of incomes?

As Warren Buffet said a person should not rely on a single source of income. The world is changing rapidly. 100 years back a company survives for 70 years but now that survival period shortens to only 7 years.

  1. Have you learnt new skills?

Spending time in learning a skill means you are going to multiply your income with 2x in future.Some people are more successful than others because of the skills they are good about.

  1. Have you helped someone to grow financially?

As the proverb said we should teach someone how to catch fish not to provide fish on a plate. As the matter of fact what we want more in life we should distribute it. Either it’s love, money or respect. Giver always keeps on getting.

  1. Did you improve your relationship with family?

Winning the hearts of your family member is the real victory in life. Life is more about relationships than adding credit in bank account. A qualified man has quality relationships, especially with their parents, spouse, siblings, and children.

  1. Have you increased your network?

A person should have every kind of friends in his friends’ zone. Businessmen, religious scholars, professors etc. each person has different expertise and a different lesson to share. A growing network can be the cause of one’s success in life.

  1. More people want to meet you than 2016?

As a person progresses in life, many people want to meet him, text him and call him to seek his advice. People will remember and respect you not because the car you own or society you are living but because of your contribution and the value you added in society and in people’s life.

  1. You have more organized life?

According to study, an organized person achieves more goals in life. He or she plans every single day.They have prioritized their life. An organized person is a time saver and lives stress-free life.

  1. Are you getting close to creator?

How much did you grow spiritually this year, this question is as important as how much did you grow financially. The quality to get you success is to have strong faith in Allah/God. All the successful people believe that religious activities have a great impact on a person’s entire career.

  1. Are you in a better health condition than before?

Transformation in fitness and health will result in transformation in your business. Everything in this world would be useless to you if you are not healthy and physically fit.Healthy people live longer and are more productive than others.


Basit, a mechanical Engineer is known for spreading positivity and awareness by engaging audience with spell-binding intellect. He loves to create graphics and portray the other side of stories through his writing.

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