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3 Reasons Why You Need to Customize Your CV!

By Mariam Mehboob

Have you crafted one CV and sending it to all the job opportunities you see? Many people are committing this mistake. Let me share 3 reasons of a customized CV you need to know to increase your chances of scoring your next interview.

Reason 1: Customized CV relates to a specific job.

Your CV must address the specific requirements of hiring manager. It’s obvious that someone looking for a finance manager won’t be impressed reading your achievements during your career as an engineer. Yes, you can highlight that information in your interview, if required, but you need to focus on relevant skills required by the job. Because you need to impress the reader, i.e. the employer.

Reason 2: Customized CV addresses to a specific situation.

Who is likely to be reading your CV? Hiring manager of the company you are applying at! He’ll be impressed to read  if you present (or share) some technical knowledge in your CV. This will convey him a message that you have extensive knowledge of the subject. Read the job description carefully.

Reason 3: Customized CV emphasizes your strengths.

There are two types of CVs: chronological and functional. If your last or present job is similar to the one you are applying for, you can design a chronological CV!  This will help your employer visualize your knowledge and experience regarding the job they are offering. There are more chances of scoring an interview in such case.

What if your recent job position is not similar to the position you are applying for? Craft a functional CV! This will enable your employer to view all your skills and knowledge related to the position.

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Ms. Mariam Mehboob, a graduate in Economics, is a wonderful colleague of Ashraf Chaudhry. She loves to help people achieve more in career. She is based in Islamabad.

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