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January 24, 2018
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5 qualities of winning resumes

How to get shortlisted from the hundreds of job applicants per open position in the job market? How can one get be successful on the job hunt? How to increase one’s chances of getting a job? All these paramount questions have just one straight forward answer, which has been a predicament for many people who find it across the globe. Let’s just cut to the chase, the answer is that, by creating winning resumes, you can beat the competition, get noticed and in turn, get hired.

Yes, you may be confused at this point of time, but don’t worry. By going By the time you go through the following five characteristics of winning resumes that you should include in your resume content, you will be good to go and be capable enough to write a winning resume for yourself.

Crucial part

The first quality of a winning resume is that it is must be tailored exactly according to the job which has been applied for. It has information not only about the applicant but it is in a sense exactly also in an exact sense how the recruiter wants to see. A winning resume helps the applicant to standout because of the fact that the applicant knows the audience, their requirements and he/she depicts how they are an ideal fit according to the given the job descriptions in the job advertisement.

Quality and not Quantity

A winning resume is not necessarily of a certain length. It’s neither written with utmost detail nor is too specific. A winning resume shows how the job seeker adds value to the organization he/she works in and it clearly highlights the actions along with results. Simply mentioning what you did or how you did, it won’t make a difference at all. A winning resume includes the applicant’s accomplishments which are backed by stats.

Showcasing skills

In the end, what will get you shortlisted is what you can bring to the company using your skills set. Hence, winning resumes include the most up-to-date and essential skills that hiring managers are looking for. Be it Include skills like openness, truthfulness, creativity, cultural experience, integrity, commitment, team spirit, leadership, problem-solving, and communication skills you have to include them in one way or another in a resume to convert it into a winning resume. However, winning resumes don’t just have these skills and qualities written like, “I am a born leader and give my 120 percent”, and rather they have these attributes highlighted cleverly in the work experiences or in certifications and accomplishments.

Ensnaring imagination

A winning resume has a to-the-point objective, profile, and positioning statement. Strong and key resume buzzwords which directly communicates one’s strengths and which go with the position that one is targeting, are the core features of a winning resume.


This may seem like the least important point but according to most recruiters, it’s the one which is most easily noticed. Winning resumes have concise, error-free, and strong language that engages the reader. Dynamic phrasing, using strong action verbs, and remaining precise are the keys to write a winning resume.

Since, it has been established that a winning resume is your key to unlock your dream job, it is vital that you either write one for you or get one written from the numerous companies that provide resume writing serves. You can either avail the targeted, functional and c-level resume writing services or make use of resume creators and resume builder apps to guide you. Don’t wait for tomorrow, get going today.

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