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8 mistakes that most job hunters make

Finding employment is not easy, especially in this day and age because of the ever-increasing competition. Even the slightest of mistakes can adversely affect your chances of getting hired. Hence, for your own benefit, you must give it your best shot when you are out on the job hunt and abstain from making mistakes at all costs.

Do you know why you are not getting an interview call? Have you any realization as to why you are not getting a job offer? Do you have any idea why recruiters don’t think you are a good fit for their company? This is because of the mistakes you make in the different stages of job hunting. Eager to know them? Here are the 8 mistakes that most job hunters make:

  1. They do not market themselves. Selling oneself is an integral part of the job hunt. It is vital that job seekers market their brand not only in person but also on social media websites like LinkedIn and Facebook.
  2. They begin without any planning. Not knowing one’s worth and the particular field of interest comes back to bite them later on. It also leads to chaos because they cannot focus.
  3. They do not tailor their resumes and cover letter each time they send it out to employers. Since hiring managers are experienced individuals, they figure out which resumes and cover letters are general and which are specifically written for them. Hence, they screen out candidates who do not customize their resumes and cover letters appropriately.
  4. They rely on one or two job search resources. This gives them very limited opportunities and in turn, lowers their chances of being hired.
  5. They network ineffectively. People are so occupied by the whole job hunt procedure that they forget to network and the ones that do network, go about it the wrong way. They ask for jobs straightaway which ultimately doesn’t do them any good.
  6. They don’t do their homework. The key before applying anywhere is to get as much information as possible about them. Most people skip the part of researching on the company, industry trends as well as recruiters which gives a bad impression in not only the written application but also in interviews.
  7. They simply accept the first job-offer that is made to them. They don’t make the decision based on logic,but do sodue to fear of unemployment.
  8. They go out on the job hunt alone. This is a big mistake. It is waste of time and energy. Not onlythey musthave people close to them inquiring about opportunities but they must avail the services of professional job hunt consultancies as well as career service offices.

The job hunt process is without a doubt, quite difficult. However, what makes it even more laborious is the fact that the majority of job hunters make these basic mistakes which may seem petty but the bottom line is that they do in fact affect the end results. So, it is essential that you look out for the above-mentioned mistakes and avoid them to boost your chances of getting the job you desire.

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