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……. Journey from pay slip to passion!

Ashraf Chaudhry started his sales career from chickpea seller at the age of 7 and had his early education from roofless schools of rural Pakistan. The angry young boy dared to see challenges eye ball to eye ball and combated miseries and misfortunes engulfing his life like a brutal gladiator. He developed knack and ability of turning wounds into wellness, scars into stars and trials and troubles into turnarounds.

One day he rose from dusty streets of his village and gate-crashed the legendary business school of Pakistan (IBA Karachi) to get bleeding edge of top-notch MBA degree. He worked with multinationals and blue-chip companies for 15 years in sales & marketing to lead teams from front. Then a defining moment comes…. there is a memorable quote in movie The Rookie that says: “It is fine to do what you want to do, but sooner or later, you have to do what you were meant to do.” His passion was to become harbinger of hope and beacon of light for fellow sales professionals. He started his sales training career by writing his book The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF” which is selling now world-wide.

Ashraf Chaudhry is a highly sought-after sales trainer, motivational speaker, coach and social media influencer. Since 2009, he has trained more than 10,000 people from SMEs to MNCs and from NGOs to ISPR. He is a social media sensation for youth, more than one million people follow him at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. He is an avid reader of books; watches movies; writes blogs and engages in social services. Ashraf lives in and travels from Lahore/Karachi (Pakistan) for training assignments. Click here to watch a small documentary on his life.