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The best job-search resources for you

Sooner or later, everyone goes around to job hunt and that’s good because people deserve to look for better opportunities, follow their interests and shape their careers the way they want to. However, one thing that holds them back is that they don’t look at the right places and don’t look hard enough. All they tend to do is jump onto the next stages of job hunting which is writing their resumes and preparing for an interview without putting in any real effort in the first stage which is looking out for jobs in various job-search resources.

Where do I get the leads from? Where should I look for jobs? These questions would have surely come up and haunted you so much that they might have made you afraid of job hunting. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. The first thing that you need to do is find the job you are interested in and which is the best fit for you by spending time as well as energy. Following are some of the best job-search resources:

Career Services Office

Although there may be plenty of career service offices in your city, still your best bet would be to go to your college’s career services office for help. Now more than ever, career services office at Universities and colleges are proactive. They have specialized people who have the necessary information regarding a job opening in all type of companies.

Don’t worry if you are alumni. They would be pleased to catch up with you and help you out in the job hunt process.

Newspapers and specific industry-related newsletters

Devote some time each day to a couple of newspapers and magazines related to the industry you are interested in. Not only will it keep you updated on the current trends but it will help you find opportunities.
Social Media

Yes, you might browse through your newsfeed on LinkedIn hoping to find the right job for you but that isn’t sufficient. Firstly, you need to connect with the right people, follow the right companies and then dig out information. Search using specific keywords. Join relevant groups and follow pages of career services companies. You can also widen your approach by doing the same thing on Facebook. Be a part of different job groups and look out for opportunities.

Job websites

There are a number of websites for job seekers and recruiters in whichever country you are. Be it, Monster, Indeed worldwide or in Pakistan’s case and Most of the companies post job ads which can even be emailed to you directly if you subscribe for notifications after filling the required form. So make your accounts on such websites, upload your resume and specify the sort of job offers you are interested in. Job search by degree and job search by salary are the two options that you can utilize. If you apply these mechanics in your job search, you will have more job opportunities come and find you, in no time.

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