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The biggest resume mistakes that you should avoid to get a job

If you want to land a good job, one thing that you just cannot afford is to make a mistake on your resume. Since, it is the first thing that employers look at and is the only thing that is used to shortlist candidates for interview, a simple mistake can end up costing you a potential job. Hence, even before going any further and giving you more chances, recruiters will simply toss away your resume if it is flawed. Thus, your priority must be to first of all draft the perfect resume and avoid mistakes. Here are a few biggest mistakes that you should look out for in your resume and try your best to refrain from them:

Grammatical/Typing/English-writing mistakes

You can say goodbye to your chances of getting a job if you submit a resume that has spelling mistakes or any sort of grammatical errors. It’s the most basic rule and to be honest, it’s a big blunder on your part if you make these mistakes, even with so many free online resume creators, proofreading, and spell-checking resources available. It gives a negative impression to the recruiters and they are forced to believe that you are not at all serious or interested in the first place on the job. Moreover, improper formatting and incorrect resume design can also take you out of the reckoning of the job straight away.

Misrepresenting information

You can shoot yourself in the foot, firstly, by not updating your resume content and making matters even worse by including irrelevant or too much information. Make sure that your resume is just one-page long and only the information relevant to the job is provided. It makes no sense to add ‘Worked as an Uber driver’ when the job you are applying for is ‘Marketing executive’. No one will give your resume a second look if there’s just too much stuff on it, as it will not appeal to the naked eye. Moreover, ignoring the job keywords that are available in the job postings will not help your case either. To be seen as an ideal candidate you must include the resume buzzwords. In addition to this, including a job summary at the very top of your resume which does not go with the job requirements is criminal in a sense. It will take just thirty seconds for the recruiter to discard your resume if that is the case. So, include a career summary which is brief and precise. Mention details that are relevant only and always keep in mind the particular job that you are applying for, before making any additions or even while editing.

Using clichés

One thing that alarms the hiring managers more than anything is resumes which have rosy tales and qualities that almost everyone writes just to show off. Hence, you can stand out by just being yourself. Write about yourself in a unique way and mention your attributes in addition to some stats to catch the recruiter’s eyes.

It is important to note that there are resume builder apps available to design a resume for you and you even avail the services of professional who can write an ideal resume on your behalf. By creating a perfect resume draft, you can kick-start your job hunt and edit it as you apply for different jobs.

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