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The most common mistakes in cover letter that you must avoid

When it comes to the job applications, the last but not the least part is writing a cover letter. Yes, it is a fact that most employers don’t ask for it. On the other hand, there are a considerable number of companies that want the applicants to submit one no matter what. They may or may not go through it. However, that doesn’t mean that you can choose to write a substandard cover letter and hope to land the job. That won’t happen.

Some employers always prefer going over the cover letter in detail while others may only turn to a cover letter if they are confused about you and someone else. Taking a look at your cover letter will then prove to be the deciding factor as to whether you are shortlisted or not. So, your best bet is to write the perfect cover letter and avoid making the most common mistakes because nothing will get you out of the running for the job than a poor cover letter. It is recommended that you don’t make the following mistakes:

Writing a book

Do not write in detail. At most, your cover letter should be three-quarters of the page but try and restrict it to half a page. Be relevant and concise.

Starting without doing any homework

Cover letters allow you to depict how you can serve the company and bring value to it. Do your research firstly on the company and write accordingly. Also, try and personalize the letter by directing it to the hiring manager if you can. This will give a positive impression on your behalf.

Talking just about yourself

To a certain extent, it is good that you use your accomplishments and past experiences to highlight how ideal a candidate you are, but don’t forget to talk how you will create a difference in the company. Relate it to the job descriptions of the post you are applying for and depict how you can fill the void in the company.

Having typos, grammatical mistakes, and other errors

Spelling mistakes, use of incorrect words, sentences not making sense or instead of having multiple meanings can get you in trouble. You just don’t want to commit these childish mistakes as employers will simply toss away your entire application into the trash if it does.

Also, write professionally in a particular font and format. Neither should you be too formal nor casual.

Summarising your resume

The thing that you need to understand is that hiring managers have read your resume and by merely summing it up again in the cover letter will do you no good. Try and use it as an opportunity to tell them more about yourself and how valuable you are as an employee.

Stating all your jobs history

You will shoot yourself in the foot by stating all the details of your previous jobs and not just the relevant ones. Edit your cover letter each time you send it out according to the particular position you are applying for.

Don’t take your cover letter too lightly and make it a point in your job hunt checklist to write a perfect one. Your CV and cover letter are the two essential instruments on which you should focus. So, give it your best shot. If you make an effort in this first stage of job hunt, you will find the later ones to be very easy. If you are having difficulty, then just try revamping your CV along with cover letter and you will soon get the interview calls.

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