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Five things the hiring managers wish the applicants know about their CV

Usually, it gets very confusing when every other person gives you CV writing tips that contradicts all the prior information that you have. It is no doubt, that the job hunt process is quite intricate and your CV is the one thing that can boost your chances of getting hired tremendously. However, the question is: How can you write the perfect CV?

The perfect CV is unique. It is written meticulously and is a masterpiece that represents you appropriately. You can write it by taking note of the following five tips that hiring managers of top companies point out:

Is it relevant?

The recruiters look for candidates who are right for the job. So, who is the ideal fit for the position? The one with the right education, skills, work experience or connections? The answer is work experience. While this may seem unfair but you have got to look from the point of view of the recruiters. Hiring managers prefer individuals who are or were in a position that is similar to what they have applied for. Since they have the track record, they can judge quickly whether or not the candidate can perform well in their company. So, candidates who worked in a position that is a close match to the role that they have applied have a high chance of making it through to the next stage.

Which type is it?

Reverse chronological CV should be your go-to choice. This is because it showcases your experience and qualifications from the most recent to the least ones and that is what recruiters are looking for. This format gives them a better idea of what you can bring to the role. Since recruiters, on an average, only glance through CV’s, what you did a decade ago means little to them and if the right information is not in the right place (at the top of each section) then you can say goodbye to your chances of getting hired.

Does it highlight the right skills?

If the necessary skills needed to do the job efficiently and effectively are not featured in the CV then it heads straight to the trash bin. Being technologically adept, proficient in using tools such as Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Python or STATA can be your trump card. The right online courses, accomplishments, certifications, and volunteer experience can prove to be the deciding factor. So remember to include them.

Is it full of cliches?

Nothing else can get you a rejection more quickly than using general terms such as “I am a born leader” and “I am a good team player”. Avoid pronouns such as “I” in the CV, be specific and use each word to increase your chances of being selected. Do not make use of sentences which have a double meaning.

Good CV’s can get you the interview, not the job

A big misconception is that CV’s can get you hired. This is not the case as recruiters use CV to shortlist candidates and then call them for interviews. So, while your CV must be perfect, you should also prepare well for the interview as it is a pivotal part of the job hunt.

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