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The four best job-search lessons that people don’t know about

Job search can be a daunting process especially if you are a fresh graduate or an individual without much experience and outdated skills. Since so many applicants apply for single position, companies now prefer individuals who have super-human skills and infinite work experience (Pun intended). That being said it drastically lowers your chances of even being shortlisted, let alone landing a job.

However, don’t lose heart.

Even in this fast-paced, rapidly developing, tech-driven world there is much that you can do to increase your chances of getting your dream job. Following are the best four job-search lessons that have been collected from various credible sources and professionalsto help you in your job hunt process and get you that much-needed edge over your counterparts:

  1. Know yourself

The first and foremost step which is the most crucial knows your objectives before you go out on the job hunt. Most people by the time they start job-searching don’t even know what they want to do, or which field and industry should they go in. Hence, for your own benefit, it is recommended that you take your time initially and decide where you want to be in ten years’ time. Then list down ways of getting there. Make a job hunt checklist by penning down your expertise, roles that you are looking for, and industry that you want to target. This will save you a lot of time and effort once you go onto the next stages of job hunting. Remember that you should follow your interest because down the line you wouldn’t want to have any regrets.

  1. Start with optimizing your online presence

Employers regardless of what job you apply and in which particular industry you apply have started to use social media platforms as a way to screen applicants. You can use this to your own advantage by firstly making a LinkedIn profile if you already haven’t and actively using it market yourself. Similarly, you can also use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to sell yourself. Remember to act professionally, showcase your skill set, and at the same time gather information while looking for opportunities. Then pounce on the opportunities as soon as you get them because time doesn’t stand still for anyone.


  1. Network day in day out

Your best bet to land a good job is if you get to know about the right opportunity at the right time. Information is the key and you can only get your hands on important information if you know the right people. Hence, go out and socialize with people regardless of their ages, sex, and the industry they work in. Do this and you will surprise yourself. Make professional contacts, then connect with the contacts of your contacts to widen your social circle. Go to group meetings, clubs and make it a habit of interacting with people regularly. Meeting with people just one or two times won’t do you any good for you.

  1. Carry on with your life

Now, this may seem bizarre but it is vital that you keep up with your daily routines as in hanging out with friends and family, and going on a trip or a movie. Your health should be your number one priority. In order to save yourself from the stress of job hunting and job hunt depression which can get to the best of us, it is vital that you have some fun. Everything will sooner rather than later click for you. By being happy and healthy your efficiency will increase which in turn will help you make better decisions and utilize opportunities that comes your way.

Hashaam Asif is a Luminite, an entrepreneur with a passion for writing and an unquenchable thirst for good reads. He is working as a freelance writer, editor, content strategist, and is pretty keen on raising the writing standards on the web. You can find him here


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