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Four secrets of writing an irresistible resume

Yes, there’s no one oblivious to the fact that job hunt process is quite tedious. Having talked to a lot of people about it, I can certainly say that the stress of job hunting gets to even the best of us and it usually results in job hunt depression. However, instead of giving up and being afraid of job hunting, what you can do is start again, as failure is temporary if you keep on working hard. Work smartly and begin with the most basic and essential thing, your resume.

Whether you are a seasoned professional out on the job hunt, a recent college graduate or stuck in mid-career, just write a resume that is unique in the sense that it helps you stand out and is perfect in the manner that it tells your story to the recruiters by aligning yourself to the job advertisement. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Following are the four secrets of an irresistible resume that you can use in your resume content to land your dream job:

The first impression must be immaculate

Winning resumes look good first of all. Since recruiters will have plenty of choices and resume’ to go through, they won’t even bother looking at yours if it isn’t professionally written. Eradicate any grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, and make sure the font along with the format is as appealing and professional as they can be.

Your job is to initially let your resume do the talking. Use that one piece of paper as though your life depends on it. Make efficient use of the space, leaving sufficient blank space, and go with the mixture of bold and simple writing.

Begin well

Start with a strong 3-4 lines summary about you. This isn’t the objective rather a description of your past and what you can offer to the company.

Ensure that your resume is complete

Making sure that your resume is complete does not only mean that you can provide all the information right from your birth to the present time. It means complete information according to the job you are applying for. Tailor your resume each time in a slightly different and more efficient manner before you submit it. Make sure that statements that you write have one specific meaning and can’t be interpreted in multiple ways.

Each and every word that you write must be in sync with everything else. It should be clear, to the point and meaningful. Since you have to depict that you are the perfect candidate, you must sound smarter and showcase qualities such as critical thinking, high attention to details, intelligence, communication skills, and logical reasoning ability.

Demonstrate experience and accomplishments

You will only get an interview call if the hiring managers like your profile. To them, what matters the most is what you have done previously and what sort of an individual are you. The former is what resumes mainly highlight. So, depict how you can add value to the company you work in by writing about your performance in the previous or the present ones. Your accomplishments, if described correctly and according to the job ads, can make a huge difference.

It is vital that you leave employers wanting to know more about you and you can only do that by making a lasting impact on your resume. So, get started on your resume today.

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