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October 6, 2017
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Getting a Job is More An Art than Science

Job Job Job! You see different types of job advertisements every day; in newspapers, on job portals and on social media. There is a never-ending list of available vacancies. And you send your CV to most of them! But you don’t get hired? Wondering how to get hired? Here’s the secret to get you hired.


Your behavior, as well as your attitude determines the chance of getting a job. It’s not a science. No hard and fast rules are followed. But it’s an art and in fact more than an art. In the process of finding a job do not present yourself as a job seeker instead of it, present yourself as an opportunity for the company.


The most common method is to explore yourself. Yes, we know you’re thinking of your grades. Okay! You got grades and they are important but what you have to do is to present your skills compatible to an organizations’ need. That is more important than what gap you can fill in the organization. You have to present yourself as a 16 or 18 years’ academic journey just in ten minutes. Update your CV with time with your skills. Do not tell others who you are? In fact, tell the interviewers what you can do for their company?


For an entry-level job with no experience, you can just focus on your interest, hard work and dedication. It is a process of marketing yourself, creating your image in the interviewers’ mind in ten minutes. Focus on your major skills that you have and how those skills could be beneficial for an organization. Everyone knows about your grade, an interviewer can see them on CV and can easily infer your intellectual level. But what he/she cannot determine are your soft skills. It’s in your hand how to expose your personality in front of others. Soft skills are not easy to learn but you can have competitive advantage over other candidates. It is an art of identifying or creating your competitive advantage and then presenting it in front of others as their need.

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