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How to overcome job search depression?

By Mariam Mehboob

Have you been searching a new job for a while now? Most likely, you would be frustrated, angry and tired with your brain buzzing with a million negative whispers telling “you are not good enough!”

In a recent motivational seminar in Islamabad “How to Start a Business with PKR. 100,000″, Ashraf Chaudhry addressed the audience with a notable point that I must share here!

A small device like computer requires an anti-virus which helps protect it from malicious content because it slows down its functioning. Likewise your brain is seeded with a million negative thoughts daily, but fortunately you are blessed with the ability to allow only fruitful information to proceed further.”

Yes, you can do it! Whether it is job search stress or any other phase of life,  you can be the winner if you use the right tools and make the right decisions on the right time!

Here are 3 suggestions which will definitely help you overcome your job search stress:

1. You must adjust your thinking right away!

Stop losing your motivation by pondering upon the reasons for failure, rather list down all the possible ways you can add value! If you’re an experienced professional, focus on all the occasions you added value in previous job posts. Probably you helped the business achieve exponential growth or solved some serious issues etc.

2. Re-evaluate your Job Search Action Plan

Do you already have a job search action plan? If not, set high goals and make a plan immediately! Re-evaluate your CV! But how would you re-evaluate your CV? Everything is already mentioned in your first attempt, all your details of experience are there. But still it’s not working! Before you try to re-evaluate your CV this time; reexamine your achievements and all that you have accomplished? What else do you have to offer to win your ideal job? If you evaluate honestly; it will be evident that the real problem is not ‘you’. Ask a friend to help while assessing your strengths and weaknesses

3. Network, Network and Network

Many people don’t feel comfortable while doing networking. But it is very important. You can help your friends in need; there is a greater chance that they’ll help you too because they trust you. You can use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to connect to professionals in your career. And use their expert advice to achieve your goals.

These are three suggestions, you may also pool in a few of your own. Share your suggestions with us!

Ms. Mariam Mehboob, a graduate in Economics, is a wonderful colleague of Ashraf Chaudhry. She loves to help people achieve more in career. She is based in Islamabad.

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