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Lessons from the ultimate entrepreneur – Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the ultimate entrepreneur. His ventures include SpaceX, Tesla Inc., Hyperloop, SolarCity, OpenAl, Neuralink, Zip2, and the boring company. Is that a lot to take in? Well, we haven’t even gotten started yet.

If you don’t know what he is focused on, as of now, then you are in for a big surprise. Musk is developing methods to take humans to Mars and establish a colony there to prevent human extinction. Yes, you heard that right but that’s not all. He is also investing heavily to produce sustainable and renewable energy. Electric cars, hyperloops, space rockets, you name it. His ideas are revolutionary and he is a master in converting ideas into realities. There’s a lot that each and every individual regardless of their age, sex, career or interests can learn from him. Following are the best tips along with lessons that you can learn from Elon Musk:
In order to improve, seek out the criticism

People nowadays are only focused on their laurels. They are fine as long as everyone encourages them and talk about things positively so much so that they don’t even want to hear what’s wrong. This is the difference between the average and the great.

Musk says that only criticisms can help people improve. One must dwell on the feedback that they get and use it to bring betterment.

Don’t take anything as given … Challenge norms and realities

Musk advises people to focus on basics. Throughout his life, he did the same thing to achieve greatness. He asked tough questions, explored the fundamentals and never backed down until he understood or erased his confusions.

You can too apply this principle in your life to look at things from a different perspective.

Focus only on what makes you better and ignore the rest and figure out the right questions as that can get you a long way in getting to the solution.

While producing products for his company: Tesla Inc., Musk forcefully said that they will only invest if it leads to product development. He had a certain not-to-do list which he follows. This shows that it is vital to ignore the irrelevant stuff if you truly want to achieve success.

Never give up

Here’s an example from Musk’s life:

An interviewer once asked Musk that would he have called it in and given up had his 3rd rocked launch failed? Musk said that he doesn’t give up and that only death can stop him.

This teaches us to strive hard for things we believe in, never fear failure and above all, keep trying until we succeed. The presence and courage to keep going are two essential qualities that people must look to possess if they want to truly achieve something. Even if your dreams are so big that they scare you, just come up with short-term objectivities and focus entirely on the impact that they will have. Then get your head down and do all that you have to do to achieve them.


Strikeout fear

What Musk did was to imagine and even living the worst case scenario. For instance, before being an entrepreneur, he tried living on one dollar a day, to see that if all goes wrong, can he survive or not. Upon finding that he can survive and he can easily earn around thirty dollars a month, he went ahead with his plans.

The point is that limits are only in your mind. Don’t get bogged down by the fear of failure because that will stop you from doing anything worthwhile.

Call him crazy, call him impressive, or call him one of a kind, but the fact is that Elon Musk is a winner. It takes a lot of courage to think big, implement plans, shut out the naysayers, and focus on the job at hand. He has done it all successfully and he continues to do even more. He has gone way past the objective to collect money so much so that he has stopped thinking about it. To him, the existence of humanity matters more and that is why, he is trying his level best to find answers to the gigantic worldly problems. Interplanetary travel, extraterrestrial life, producing renewable energy and clean transport are the subject of his focus. All we can say after looking at his achievements and plans with a sigh of disbelief is, What a man!

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