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How to make money while looking for jobs

Job hunt in itself is mentally, physically and emotionally draining. The stress of job hunting coupled with the fact that your savings are taking a hit each day that you are unemployed can even lead to job hunt depression. Yes, it’s true that while you are looking out for jobs, you have got to pay the bills, eat, and keep up with your social appearances which make matters even worse for you, financially. However, there is definitely something that you can do about it. While you are engaged in the job hunt process for the most part of your day you can still make money alongside it. Here’s how you can just do that:

Become a freelancer

A freelancer is a free-spirited person. The term freelance is used in order to describe a person who works on various jobs, for short periods of time. Freelance workers are independent. Hedo not have a job with a permanent employer and are not limited by any restrictions. Freelancers can work on multiple jobs for multiple clients at the same time. The freelancing industry is very diverse. Some of the skills on offer are content writing, photography, acting, web designing, translating, and music.

Freelancing is adaptable. It provides freedom of choice to workers. Not only can the workers set their own hours of work, but they can even choose the projects they want to work on and the rate per hour that they want in return for the services they provide. This profession is somewhat similar to an independent contractor, who can control how the job at hand can be completed, all by themselves. This type of flexibility is not available anywhere else in the professional world.

With freelancing, you can get started right away. There is nothing holding you back. You don’t need a diploma or any other kind of certification to begin. Simply, sign up on any of the top freelancing websites on the internet such as fiver, or Upwork. There are plenty of others too. There is great demand for freelancers in the market. Thus, you can choose work according to your own skills set and the good thing is that there is absolutely no investment needed. This makes it affordable for almost everyone to become a freelancer. Freelancing allows people to pursue their passions as well as provide support to their family. Most importantly, freelance workers can easily earn more money by offering the same services that they do at their full-time job. This means you can earn greater income, by becoming your own boss.

You can make use of any skill that you have and earn money. It is as simple as that. You can help people develop their interview skills, work on their CV and job applications alongside yours and charge them for it.

You can opt to be a tutor in your neighborhood or even give Skype lessons to students and in turn, earn a handful amount of cash.

Participate in the society

You can also earn money by taking part in clinical, corporate or educational research studies. In addition to this, driving Uber or Careem part-time can keep you afloat. You can always babysit, work as a waiter, cleaner, gardener only for the time being. It will not take much of your time and the money is good, too.

Become a salesman, brand ambassador, influencer or social media marketer

The demand for above mentioned part-time jobs is ever-increasing with various small business and even large ones looking for individuals who can work on contracts for a brief time period. Since, they are not time-consuming and monetarily good for you; you can easily work as one while you search for jobs.

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