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Why networking is key to success in professional circle?


Networking is basically the process of maintaining relationships and forming new ones such that both parties benefit from it. Call it a revised version of socializing if you will since the term ‘networking’ is used in the professional circle. It is simply knowing people and letting them know you.

Why should I spend time in networking? How can it benefit me? Isn’t my educational background and work experiences enough to get me across the line in different stages of job hunt? How can networking help me in the job hunt process? Many people ask themselves these particular questions and rightly so because they are all valid. Networking provides an array of benefits and is referred to as the key to success in the professional world for the following reasons:

Confidence booster

Networking helps you get out of your shell as it exposes you to the outside world. It forces you to look at the world, the people, and the problems at hand from a different perspective. Since it enables you to practice your interpersonal and communication skills, ithelps yougain the much-needed confidence you require in the professional world to stay ahead in the competition.

Networking day in day out makes you able to market yourself in a better way. As you will be able to talk about other people, yourself, the field you are in and so on, you will develop the energy to be always on your toeseven when on the go or when the time is short. It will increase your confidence in the sense that it will enable you to take the first step, greet people, get to know them, ask questions, speak publicly, and develop a persona which will force people to take you seriously no matter what.

Develop meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships

Since you will widen your social circle, it’s given that you will meet with like-minded people and people who are different than you. Both types can bring positivity in your life. Not only will you develop the crucial professional relationship but you can also make true friends. This leads to innumerable opportunities both in the short term and the long-term. You can get their help while on the job hunt, get to know about an investment opportunity, start the company that you wanted to and get an apartment which you were looking for through your relationships. Knowing good people will never hurt you or come back to bite you in the end.

Learn more

You can’t do it all on your own. You can’t learn everything from the books or by doing it yourself. An easy way is to learn from people. Sitting in the coffee lounge with your office friends will keep you updated on what’s happening in your company and similarly spending time with others you socialize with can furtherincrease your knowledge about other industries. It can provide you the essential tips or tricks that you can implement. Similarly, you can learn plenty of new skills by merely networking with the right people. This will, in turn, keep you on top of things and help you build up your resume content and in turn your profile.

All in all, it is a win-win situation for you. Just take the first step and keep learning. You will only get better with time.

Remember to never stop networking because one or another it will benefit you, as in most cases,it comes down to who you know, rather than what you did and what you know.

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