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Online classes to build your skillset


There is no place for people who come second in this competitive world. Only the fittest survive, and in turn, thrive. Like the majority of the people around the globe, you too would have made a new year’s resolution to learn, grow and succeed. Did you make any plans though? Did you follow through? Did you strive for excellence? If your target is to be smarter, more knowledgeable, skillful, and successful by the end of the year then you need to start building your skillset. It’s not only easy, free of cost, convenient but also not a very big commitment. So, what’s your excuse?

Following are few of the best online classes that you can take to ascend to the top:


You can take the course “Make your writing standout in eight easy steps” which is being offered by Udemy. Good writing skills are vital for your personal and professionaldevelopments so, don’t delay it.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used tool in the professional organizations and instead of just putting it on your resume like most people do, you must learn to use it effectively in order to work efficiently. Just type free Microsoft Excel courses on Google and you will find plenty of options or enroll in the Microsoft Excel course being offered on Coursera.

Programming in Python

Take the course “An introduction to interactive programming” on Coursera. This will boost your skill set and will be really helpful as programming is the need of the hour and having an intermediary knowledge of python will definitely prove to be helpful in the future.

Learn Java

It will be beneficial for you if you understand the programming language of the web-Java. This will give you the much-needed edge over your competitors. You can take this course from codeacademy.

Understand the power of data

The world in the future is going to even more heavily reliant on data analytics than it is now. The course “Understanding data analysis and reports in Google analytics” by Allison will provide you a comprehensive understanding of analytics and its applications. Whether you are a marketer, entrepreneur or a salesperson, this course is a must.

Critical thinking

The choices that you make in your life are of utmost importance. Hence, in order to assess, analyze, and come up with the ideal solution for every problem, take “Critical thinking and Problem-solving” being offered by edX.

Image and photo editing

The course “Beginners guide to image and video editing” by Plural sight will familiarize you with the necessary tools as well techniques to master Photoshop and that too under two hours. So, what are you waiting for?

Take the initiative today and you’ll thank yourself some years down the line. The promotions, pay raises, and innumerable opportunities will come to you if you keep on building your portfolio.

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