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December 12, 2017
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An open letter to job hunters (Part 1)

Dear Friends

Season’s Greetings & Happy New Year!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Reading this blog post and acting upon the advice that I would be sharing in the following paragraphs can be your game-changer in 2018 and beyond.

Before you read further, I would suggest you to first read about me, because once I was also hunting jobs like you.  Just click here to read about your coach.

Have you read about me? Great! Let’s move on………..

Let me give you extremely wonderful news. THERE IS NO DEARTH OF JOBS IN PAKISTAN OR IN THE WORLD. Being Pakistan’s #1 Sales Trainer and Headhunter, I meet CEOs of small and big business organizations daily and their biggest frustration is that they can’t find competent people. Read my words again: they can’t find competent people. So, here comes The Fundamental Law of Job Hunting.


If you have read my blog post till here, you seem to be a serious job hunter. If you feel bored, you are looking for shortcuts. In life there are no shortcuts, adopt smart cuts. If you are a short-cut-sort-of-person, this blog post will not help you. Go back to Facebook and start reading about who checked-in where and keep on complaining that you need BIG REFERENCE for job. But if you are damn serious about your career, please read further.

There are two important parts of The Fundamental Law of Job Hunting.

  1. Being competent
  2. Being seen

Here is a big CATCH that only 5% of job hunters understand and they are the one who navigate turbulent job market like experienced sailors and rest end up as flotsam and jetsam.

You might be looking for the CATCH. Am I right? Here is THE CATCH.

Being competent and being perceived as competent are two different things. Every best written book does not become best-seller. Every top quality product does not become best-selling brand. Let me explain it bit further.

A mediocre candidate being projected like immaculate professional has UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over a competent person who is projecting himself like mediocre. A smart graduate from Iqra University will have advantage over casual and lousy IBA graduate. If you remember, I wrote the word game-changer in first paragraph. Your ultimate game changer is THE ART OF PROJECTION.

Let’s explore and discuss The Art of Projection. This part of blog post is based on learning from my all-time favorite book The 48 Laws of Power. Law #6 says:


Robert Greene explains it in the following words:

“Everything is judged by its appearance: what is unseen counts for nothing. Never let yourself get lost in the crowd, then, or buried in oblivion. Stand out. Be conspicuous, at all cost. Make yourself a magnet of attention by appearing larger, more colourful, more mysterious than the bland and timid masses.”

What are your tools and gadgets that will project you as immaculate person? The first lethal tool is your CV. Majority of CVs start with words like “Looking for a job in a dynamic company…………….”. Such words project you like beggar, like desperate job seeker, like miserably unemployed/under employed person. What kind of message you gave to your potential recruiter? Champion job hunters project themselves like dream candidates who are passionate to add value to companies. Job hunting is similar to Selling process. Brands never say: “Looking for customers having good money”. Then why job hunters say “looking for job”? Project yourself like a diamond; people will treat you like a diamond. If you want to be treated like king, behave like king. People who behave like beggars will be treated like a beggar.

Sell “Yourself” like companies sell their products. They make best brochures; they invest money on their projection. They don’t beg. Work on your brochure (your CV); invest time and learn the art. It is a learn-able skill. Your CV sells or unsells you in 6-10 seconds. Look at the importance of your basic document for projection.

The letter is getting lengthy. Casual browsers will stop reading further. Listen carefully. Casual people get casual results. And they have to work for winners and super stars.


My dear Super Stars!

Let’s come to second part of The Fundamental Law of Job Hunting and that is: Be Seen.

You should be on the radar of right people; people who will recruit you; people who have authority to create space for you; people who have knack and ingenuity to judge and appreciate your hidden worth. Never send your CV to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Find out the right people in your selected organizations. Google and LinkedIn is your best partner in this exploration process. 90% CVs sent to HR are not even opened. Finding out THE RIGHT PERSON who needs your skills is trait of champions. Invest time. Do research. If you are Engineer, the right person to hire you is Head of Engineering or Head of Production not the HR. Companies can be counted on fingers where HR is strong. In majority of companies, HR people can thwart your entry but not facilitate you. HR is High Risk route. Dodge them. Bypass them. Reach the right people who need your skills. If you are entry level person, mid-level line managers are your customers. If you are mid-level professional, departmental heads will hire you. If you are senior person, CEOs are the right people to hire you. HR will just set up your meetings. In my 15 years career as a professional from entry level to senior level, I changed 4 organizations. Never went through HR.

Reaching the interview table is the biggest battle you ever win. Your CV’s job is done. Now comes the stage of one-to-one combat, that is, Interview. Interview Management will be covered in An Open Letter to Job Hunters—Part 2.

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