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How to Overcome Fear Of Rejection in Job Interview?

Many candidates are afraid of being rejected for a job interview, which severely dents their confidence level and makes them forget the big picture. It is very common to feel nervous when you have a big interview lined up, but if you know how to overcome the anxiety the candidate can learn to think constructively and use that fear of rejection to foster their core strengths which eventually help finding a job that suits them best. Unfortunately, pre-interview anxiety can obstruct a candidate’s performance on the big day. The nervousness can lead to serious interview mistakes like blanking out, blurting and sweating. Here are the tips to successfully overcome the fear of rejection in a job interview.

  1. Preparation is one of the crucial ways to control interview anxiety. Try doing your homework in advance which makes you more confident. Start researching about the company you have applied for, assess what strength and weaknesses you possess and in what ways you can bring value to their company. Practice as much as you can because it is what makes you perfect.
  2. Focus on projecting confidence regardless of how desperately you want the job, do not forget that this is just an opportunity you got and your career is not dependent on this one interview. It is just a beginning to explore your career. The target is to sell and showcase your best qualities to the employer.
  3. Visualizing a successful interview is another technique which positively contributes to a successful interview. All you need to do is picture yourself in an interview room, making a remarkable impression and vividly envisage the intense sense of positive confidence which will help you feel more confident and give your best.

Next time when you find yourself fearing rejection recognize that if you allow fear to overcome you, it will forever limit your potential growth. If you want to achieve success in your career then master this skill.

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