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How to plan your career straight out of college?

Graduation male student have different careers to choose.

Heartiest congratulations on graduating from college in one piece. Disclaimer; Following are some harsh realities that people face after graduating. Proceed only if you think you can handle them.

If you thought that you can relax now and simply blend into the professional world with ease then you are mistaken. If you make mistakes at this juncture, then the stress of job hunting will eventually lead to job hunt depression. This time is crucial for you. The choices that you make right now will define your future. Be prepared for sleepless nights, hard-working days and pressure from all sides. It is essential that you plan your future even before or at least right after you pass out from your college because things are not rosy out in the real-world and the moment you begin to take it easy, will be the very moment everything will begin to go downhill for you.

Get ready to job hunt

There are a number of job hunt stages in the job hunt process. You can start off by visiting your college’s career services office to inquire about any job openings. Simultaneously, you should also start preparing your resume content. You can do this yourself with the help of online resume builder apps and resume creators or avail the services of a professional. Make a profile on LinkedIn and various job sites, especially the ones made for college graduates. Explore online as much as you can and apply wherever you see job openings pertaining to the field you are interested in. Note that a number of companies have management trainee programs in which they hire fresh college grads and train them so that they can fit into their companies. Your best bet will be to look out for them. Also, it is vital that you figure out where your interests lie and which industry you specifically want to target. If you don’t know it by the time you graduate, then do some research, and talk to professionals from various industries to figure it out because time is of the essence and you wouldn’t want to get a job that you don’t like.


Whether on the social media websites like LinkedIn where you make connections or Facebook where you can join various groups or pages to interact with people as well as companies to look out for opportunities. Communicate with as many people as you can and in a short while, you will see plenty of doors open for you.

Build your profile

In the meantime, continue to upgrade your skills and maybe even do an internship or two. That will get the juices flowing and who knows, even the company you are an internee in could hire you depending on your performance.

Want to study further?

Pursuing education even further may not be a bad option at all as it will mean even better career opportunities and pay grades for you in the future. It all depends on what you want to be or what and where you want to study. Pursuing masters or post-graduates may seem easy on the outside but it depends on your eagerness to learn. If you are solely doing it to avoid doing a job then you will struggle even to study. However, keep in mind that college applications are a whole different world altogether and many degrees require a bit of job experience so you might want to do your homework before you decide anything.

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