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All super stars and would-be super stars need coaching from experts to out-perform and out-shine in life. From Tiger Woods to Maria Sharapova and from Sania Mirza to our own legend Misbah ul Haq, all need coaches.

Coach observes the super stars’ game strategy and guides them on those angles and perspectives that super stars, themselves, cannot see. In the western world, every C-Level executive, legendary speakers, parliamentarians, best-selling authors and Oscar winning actors and actresses have regular coaches. Coaches put the under-dogs on fire to out-beat the once-champions. Watch movie Facing the Giants and see how a coach transformed a bunch of losers to world-class players.

Purple Arrow Coaching is Ashraf Chaudhry’s latest initiative to guide and mentor those who have passion to create their impact in business or personal life but need strategy. The areas covered under Purple Arrow Coaching sessions are:

  • How to Get Interview Calls?
  • How to Sell “Yourself” in Interviews?
  • How to Manage Boss?
  • How to Get Promotions?
  • How to Manage Teams?
  • How to Resolve Conflicts?
  • How to Establish Business?
  • How to Increase Sales?
  • How to be More Profitable and Productive?
  • How to Set Goals?
  • How to Stay Motivated & on Track?
  • How to Build Your Personal Brand?

How to BREAK THE CHAINS the way Ashraf Chaudhry did?

Book 60-90 minutes #PurpleArrowCoaching Skype or One-on-One session with Ashraf Chaudhry. For more information, please contact: WhatsApp/SMS at +92 323 2470 890