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March 7, 2017
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The 5 Shades of Perfect Job Interview


By : Madiha Shamim

Interviews are always difficult. Though CV plays vital role and can help you reach to the interviewer’s desk, it isn’t the only weapon to count upon while job hunting. Everything including personality, dressing and body gesture is analyzed by interviewers to develop perception about applicants. Hence to stand out among competitors, here are five things that individuals should do before appearing in an interview:

  1. Know about the company’s background:

Recruiters are interested about how passionate you are to obtain the position. To know this, they often ask questions about company such as their product lines, their CEOs and their operational areas. Demonstrating good understanding of company’s activities and procedures makes it easy to convince them regarding the potential of applicant to adjust in company.

  1. Behave wisely:

To observe practices of applicants, recruiters often watch candidates through CCTVs in waiting areas. Hence avoid immature acts. These include taking selfies, using inappropriate words during conversation with fellow applicants, sitting in a lousy manner and misbehaving with staff.

  1. Always carry an arranged portfolio for interview:

At times, due to print issues or something else, the recruiters ask if applicant has brought his CV with them. It is wise to carry an extra CV during interview so that there is no stone left unturned in projecting a responsible image in front of recruiters. Also one should maintain a file with documents and certificates arranged properly so that they can be presented when demanded without any chaos.

  1. Research for the job position:

Before appearing in an interview, it is wise to research about the position one has applied for in the company.Use LinkedIn profiles to search job roles of that particular position to gain an idea about what questions can be asked. Prepare answers accordingly.

  1. Reach before the interview time:

Leave home at least an hour early to the destination, keeping in view traffic conditions or any other sudden incident. It would grant time for relaxing and making one’s self comfortable in organization’s environment. Reporting time at reception is often noted and reaching before interview leaves good impression on interviewer.

Ms. Madiha is an enthusiastic blogger, story teller, compassionate writer and print media specialist. Her instincts for adventure seeking made her a graduate in earth sciences (Geology). She is currently the Head of Content at Ashraf Chaudhry Associates and is creating win-win situations with her rational leadership approaches.

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