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How to train mental muscles

How to develop self-restraint? How can I be more focused? How and where can I get the willpower? What should I do to control my emotions? Most people constantly ask themselves these very questions. The answer is very simple. Just as you train your body in the gym to get strong, you can also train your mental muscles using some techniques to get mental strength.

It is without any doubt, very common to make plans and then abandon them halfway. Whether it is going to the gym daily, controlling your diet, preserving on the job hunt or following your passion, you need mental strength to complete tasks. Making excuses won’t get you anywhere in life. If you want to be successful in any field and live a healthy life, you need to develop your mental muscles. Here’s how you can do that:

Always focus on the present

One thing that you can do is to always pay attention to what is going on right now because that is the only thing that you can control. Fretting about the past and the future, will only waste your energy and time, and

Simply learn from the past and don’t dwell on it. By merely utilizing all your energy on the present, you can get that much-needed edge which is focus.

Be thankful for what you have

So there’s one thing that is common among all humans. That is desire. While a person with a motorbike and a cottage wants a normal sized house and a car, the one who has these very things wants a flashy sedan and a bungalow. This never ends even if you are a millionaire. Staying positive has numerous benefits on the health and abilities of a person too. So, how can you train your mind to be positive?

Make it a daily habit to be thankful for at-least five good things in your life. These things can even be the clean air you inhale, a roof over your head or anything else. Just by being thankful and training your brain to focus on the positive side, you can open plenty of new doors for yourself.

Get out of your comfort zone

Taking control of your emotions is essential as it helps you make informed decisions based on reasoning. Hence, to nurture your brain and make it stronger, you need to bear some discomforts. Do things that you don’t like or you don’t want to do. That will change your perspective and help you develop the willpower you require.

Act as you want to be   

Yes, there is no doubt that there will be a tingling sensation or fear of failure when you are doing the things that you are not good. Whenever you are in a difficult situation, ask yourself the question, “What would a person with a high mental strength do if he was in your shoes?” You’ll get your answer this way and then all you have got to do is act. If you are not confident and really doubting yourself, let’s say while giving a speech, then all you have got to do is to act like a confident person and you’ll be good to go. Give it a try again and again in different situations to get used to it.

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