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January 8, 2018
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How to use social media to increase your chances of getting a job?

Social media has revolutionised the world and has brought about more change than even the industrial revolution. It has indeed converted the world into a global village. While people around you may still be using it for entertainment purposes or just to merely connect with one others, it is high time that you start using it to your own advantage. Make use of the social media websites to job hunt.

Getting a job nowadays is an arduous task. Gone are the days when people who had a degree had a job. In the modern world, you have to do a lot more than just get the quality education. However, social media has made things easier for you. It has made the job hunt process more efficient. Through it, not only can recruiters reach out to you but you can also catch their attention and in turn get yourself a job. Following are the ways through which you can increase your chances of being hired:

Market your personal brand and be active

One thing that you need to take notice of is that recruiters will always go through your profiles on social media. Hence be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, portray yourself as an individual with a go-get attitude. Try and exhibit your personal qualities which employers value in the posts that you share, the comments that you make and the content that you upload. Also, highlight your expertise in the field you are interested. In short, prove to the employers that the position you apply for is perfect for you and that your CV is not at odds with who you really are. Abstain from sharing your political or religious beliefs and don’t get in fights with people as it will give a negative impression about you. It is also vital to be engaged and have an active presence on at least a couple of social media platforms as only then will you be able to look out for opportunities and present yourself as a winner.

Build your own network

Try and connect with more and more people. Help them out if needed and do not just ask for favors straight away. Endorse people and they will endorse you back. Socialize with capable and qualified people. Interact with those who you admire or can learn from and follow companies that you are interested in, start informative discussions, and get to know the latest trends as well as company cultures. This may help you later on in the interview questions as you can get valuable interview tips from the social media. It all adds up in the end and your effort will not go in vain. Down the line, if you do network professionally you will soon see opportunities coming your way from these very resources.

Be patient but be persistent

Nothing good can happen overnight. It is essential that you get your head down and start getting your hands dirty. You can leverage yourself and stand out by slowly but surely marketing yourself, building your brand, and doing the same things in a slightly different way, again and again. Make up a job hunt checklist, devote a considerable amount of time to the social media websites that you are active on and follow up on any job openings that you feel are for you. In a brief time period, you will soon start to notice the difference and realise how things are falling into place.

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